Each house is unique. One of our experts will visit you for a specific appointment, taking into account not only areas and number of rooms but also the use of the rooms, pets, or lifestyle.

In our experience, we prefer to negotiate rates independently with each client where both parties agree based on our on-site visit and the detail of tasks to be worked on.

You don’t have to worry about anything. We bring the necessary products to keep your house spotless.

It depends on what you need, it can be weekly, biweekly or monthly. We also do move-in cleanings or deep cleanings for special events.

Depending on the area, we can use 1, 2, or even 3 people. We will inform you in advance so that you are fully informed.

If you are a repeat customer, we will prioritize sending the same people who already know your house. It is more productive to have a person with experience and much more trustworthy for you to see a familiar face.

We usually schedule a fixed time with you, so you can organize yourself. If you want maximum punctuality we ideally schedule the first shift of the day to avoid situations such as traffic, delays at other homes, etc. As a frequent customer, we will prioritize you, sending the same team who already know your house. It’s more productive to send a person with experience and it’s better to see a familiar person that you know is reliable.

Not necessarily. We can coordinate to manage a key or door code so we can come and go. Everything will be reported so you will be fully aware.

We accept bank transfers, checks, Venmo, Zelle and cash.

Yes, you will be able to deduct taxes when using our services since we are a legal registered company that can issue invoices.

Don’t worry, we are pet friendly and will love your pets. If you wish, we can also walk them, clean their beds or litter boxes. And if you’re going to be late we can feed and water them.

Spritz&Co. services do not include: laundry, interior cleaning of ovens, refrigerator cleaning, window cleaning, cleaning of garages, warehouses, or similar, organization.

We are Pet Friendly

We are a pet friendly business, we can feed and walk your pets if you wish so

We are Pet Friendly

We are a pet friendly business, we can feed and walk your pets if you wish so